Agriturismo Stella di Sicilia

The "Stella di Sicilia" agritourism and camping on the sea is a new building overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is situated in the territory of Caronia in an exclusive position because it allows the tourist to enjoy the sea without renouncing the pleasure of a unique excursion in the Nebrodi Park of which Caronia is a privileged gateway.

The "Stella di Sicilia" agritourism is an excellent point of arrival for the tourist who loves the relax and the quiet of the countryside, as well as having direct access to the beach.

Here the guest will be welcome and can decide whether to swim in the pool or in the warm Tyrrhenian Sea, whether to take a bike ride enjoying the coolness of the Nebrodi or gongling in a canoe watching a unique sunset.

But it is also a starting point for those wishing to discover the wonders of Sicily. The farm offers numerous excursions that vary according to the period and which will be agreed on the place.

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 l' Italia senza la Sicilia non e' completa, soltanto qui si trova la chiave di tutto.

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